Thursday, August 30, 2007

PPC Management?

Now, the next feat I'll attempt is to rank for the keyword "PPC Management"; this will be more challenging as a search in google reveals a number of PR6 and PR5 top listings, with the last few having PR4 at the bottom of page 1 result.

SEO again? Haha...well, this blog was started as an assignment to try out some search engine optimization tips anyway. So if you're expecting more specifically on how I make money with ppc, I do have a dedicated site which you can subscribe ;)

Back to the PPC Management key-phrase, why do I select this term to rank? The whole idea of getting into the page 1 SERP is to look for low competitions keywords and hopefully with some traffic. While there are many other factors that determine how well you can rank against other sites (especially back-links), my understanding is that with all else equal, the PageRank of your page matters most; to Google anyway.

To get some page rank is easier than creating many back-links; you may have read about how creating blogs on domains like or help (that's why I'm blogging here!). More about that if you're interested - post some comments.

PPC Management was choosen because it's listed at the top in my quick keyword research on the generic term "ppc". I got a list of keywords that have "high traffic", but "low competitions" - these easy to rank keywords can help us tap into target traffic and act as the anchor texts! Here's a video on the tool I use for such research. You can also try it free.

This term also relates to my pay-per-click consultancy service; therefore I'm hoping to rank it for some qualified traffic. If you've landed on this page by searching for "ppc management", that means I'm there! What are you looking for anyway? PPC software tools that help you to manage your payperclick campaigns or planning to outsource the management of your paid search marketing to an expert?

Tell me about it?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PPC Consultant Ranked in first page of Google!

A PPC marketer doing SEO? I'm not kidding when I wrote about learning very practical and effective SEO from the workshop just a couple of days ago.

Hey, PPC marketers are bias towards paid traffic right? LOL

Well, SEO is a must for every websites, just that in my book, SEO comes after I've discover the "converting" keywords from my PPC campaigns. That's probably a topic for another day. In this post I like to boast about my google ranking for the key phrase "Paid Search Consultant":

ppc consultantYa, sure I may have picked an easy target, but that's not the point. This little experiment just open up a world of possibilities for me. Will you be as excited if you have similar result to show for yourself?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Social Networking Business Model

Social Networking Business ModelOk, a real quick comment on the workshop which ended yesterday.

I gain the most from learning from other internet marketer's experiences, and this is one of those occasions where I felt enlightened. There's a good mix of slides presentation and hands-on lesson where we get to install a propietory script that builds a community website.

Social networking was the main theme of the workshop, and while it did sound like "just one of those Web 2.0" lessons initially, I was amazed at the amount of practical ideas I can take away.

See, the problem with many of the other Web 2.0 pitches out there talks about the various social networking sites and how much traffic they get - I never could understand how someone can get "targetted" traffic from participating in these networks, not to mention the need to be a regular blogger and readers of other people's ramblings. (Thus I could not get myself to write often too ;)

At this workshop, however, it helped me to complete the puzzle; the connections from the big picture business model perspective (the how's and the why's) to the practical aspect of starting a community website (market research, SEO, etc.).

Nay, this is not to say I'll be stray away from my PPC business model and start to jump into social networking. I came out of this workshop having a much better appreciation of how all these can better fit together, so I know now when to leverage on them for my online businesses.

SEO for PPC Marketer??

It's the second day of the internet marketing workshop and so far the majority of it covers search engine optimization for newbie.

Though not a newbie to online marketing, I've picked up nuggets of information that are very practical and effective in generating almost instant traffic. Things like how to get indexed and ranked in page 1 of google within 24hrs AND mind you I'm not talking about obscure keyword phrases that nobody search on.

As a PPC marketer, this is still quite refreshing for me; I'm saying this from the perspective of someone who have access to other pretty "hardcore" seo materials. (Hey, I've never taken sides between SEO and PPC - each has it application in my internet business process ;)

Any comments?

Hans Chee

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paid Search Consultant

Paid Search ConsultantIf you an online entrepreneur starting out on pay-per-click marketing, having a paid search consultant to hand-hold you along the process is most valuable.

However, most professional paid search marketing company will charge you an arm/leg for their services in hourly basis. Another cheaper option is to engage a freelance PPC expert who has the relevant experiences and would offer you similiar assistance at nominal price.

But where can you find these expertise and more importantly, what should you look out for before engaging their services?

Bookmark this website and look out for more details in my future post ;)

Just another Hans Chee blog...

Almost every internet marketing workshop I attend requires me to have a blogger account. So this is it.

As this is not my first blog, I doubt I'll ever update it. Therefore, if you do see any post here, it's probably because I'm at a workshop and the instructor asked me to do so ;)

That's it for now!
Lets see what's the next step from here.

Do you invest in these internet marketing workshops? Tell me about it!

Hans Chee