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Thursday, August 30, 2007

PPC Management?

Now, the next feat I'll attempt is to rank for the keyword "PPC Management"; this will be more challenging as a search in google reveals a number of PR6 and PR5 top listings, with the last few having PR4 at the bottom of page 1 result.

SEO again? Haha...well, this blog was started as an assignment to try out some search engine optimization tips anyway. So if you're expecting more specifically on how I make money with ppc, I do have a dedicated site which you can subscribe ;)

Back to the PPC Management key-phrase, why do I select this term to rank? The whole idea of getting into the page 1 SERP is to look for low competitions keywords and hopefully with some traffic. While there are many other factors that determine how well you can rank against other sites (especially back-links), my understanding is that with all else equal, the PageRank of your page matters most; to Google anyway.

To get some page rank is easier than creating many back-links; you may have read about how creating blogs on domains like blogspot.com or wordpress.com help (that's why I'm blogging here!). More about that if you're interested - post some comments.

PPC Management was choosen because it's listed at the top in my quick keyword research on the generic term "ppc". I got a list of keywords that have "high traffic", but "low competitions" - these easy to rank keywords can help us tap into target traffic and act as the anchor texts! Here's a video on the tool I use for such research. You can also try it free.

This term also relates to my pay-per-click consultancy service; therefore I'm hoping to rank it for some qualified traffic. If you've landed on this page by searching for "ppc management", that means I'm there! What are you looking for anyway? PPC software tools that help you to manage your payperclick campaigns or planning to outsource the management of your paid search marketing to an expert?

Tell me about it?

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ppc management said...

ppc management is really a good keyword for your online business. I'm also striving for this phrase :) I'm doing all SEO tactics to achieve this goal say hype creation, social networking, press releases, participation and commenting etc. If you got anything else then plz share.

Poptopseo said...
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Poptopseo said...

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