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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Social Networking Business Model

Social Networking Business ModelOk, a real quick comment on the workshop which ended yesterday.

I gain the most from learning from other internet marketer's experiences, and this is one of those occasions where I felt enlightened. There's a good mix of slides presentation and hands-on lesson where we get to install a propietory script that builds a community website.

Social networking was the main theme of the workshop, and while it did sound like "just one of those Web 2.0" lessons initially, I was amazed at the amount of practical ideas I can take away.

See, the problem with many of the other Web 2.0 pitches out there talks about the various social networking sites and how much traffic they get - I never could understand how someone can get "targetted" traffic from participating in these networks, not to mention the need to be a regular blogger and readers of other people's ramblings. (Thus I could not get myself to write often too ;)

At this workshop, however, it helped me to complete the puzzle; the connections from the big picture business model perspective (the how's and the why's) to the practical aspect of starting a community website (market research, SEO, etc.).

Nay, this is not to say I'll be stray away from my PPC business model and start to jump into social networking. I came out of this workshop having a much better appreciation of how all these can better fit together, so I know now when to leverage on them for my online businesses.

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