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Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Paid Search Consultant" listing gone!?

Is google reading my post? LOL!!!!

Just three days ago, I boasted about how one of my post got listed in the first page of google for the term "Paid Search Consultant". Today it's gone! (Luckily there's a screen-shot captured to backup my claims ;)

I know what is "google dance" and how erratic it can be. Another suspect could be "over optimization"? Haha... Yup, I did go overboard a bit trying to rank high for that term; i.e. on top of "on-page optimization", I went out getting back-links to that page using social bookmarking (blasted out 20+ links with services like onlywire.com) and putting links in forum's profile and sigs, etc.

Could these "extra" effort be detrimental to my "seo" effort and caused that particular post to be de-listed from google index? (All my other posts from this blog are still indexed)

I won't loose sleep over it, but if anyone of ye-more-seo-enlightened fellow out there care to share a comment or two, I'll appreciate.

And you know what? Hitting blocks like these are the neccessary evils for one to master any skill. It's through these experiments (doing) and from the act of seeking solutions that I learn stuffs which eventually become that "secret" to success. This was the journey I took before I became an expert in PPC Marketing.

So stop JUST reading about other's experiences but ALSO go get your hands dirtly and learn things your own way!


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