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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blogging for profits?

Chances are you found this blog by visiting my mybloglog profile as I've been very active visiting other people's (including yours ;) blog too. That's what they call "community traffic" which falls under the latest buzz around "Web 2.0". Hehe... never mind if these sound French to you.

What I discover is that majority of the visitors that came to my site are from the "online money making" group. Why am I not surprised!? Because this blog happens to be dedicated to that "market" and I've been visiting related blogs and websites from this community 8-} *slap*

Anyway, my point in relation to the title of this post "blogging for profits" is that majority of these blogs are in for the money. I see Google adsense ads, text link ads, banners, affiliate links, etc. So people are making money from blogs; there are even a few of these savvy bloggers putting up income statements and such, to proof that you can make a full-time living (and even get rich!) from blogging.

Wow. I must be living in a cocoon to have such revelation only now huh? LOL. Well, I'm impressed to say the least. Blogging is definitely one of the workable money generation system online. That's why I'm starting to blog right?

I know I'll be shot (not literally) in any attempt to argue against that FACT (blogging can make money) - especially as a what... Paid Search Consultant?! Hey, I've my own perspective which I like blog about here. Hint: They also teach us to be controversial in our voice so that may generate some "buzz". (Disclaimer: good or bad traffic is another thing altogether ;)

Anyway here's my take on blogging for profits - at least a "full-time" income:

  • You need traffic

    If you're going for ads revenue, you need LOTS of traffic. Otherwise you need to have, or appear to have authority in your voice, such that the relatively fewer readership will buy things from you or via your affiliate link (these last 2 share the biggest slice of the profit pie, apparently more than selling ads).

    Usually having authority will attract the traffic and having tons of traffic will let you look authoritative. Need to get this spin going...

  • You need to pick the "right" market

    Ideally one that has "passionate" followers, irrational buyers and hopefully a LARGE one too. Do you think ramblings about your own life in general (what they call "online diary") will get you the needed traffic? (Not unless you're a star offline, but then if you're one you already have authority). What about blogging about your hobby? It depends... but the gist of it is that the market you're going after need to satisfy the above ideals.

    Incidentally, all those blogs that I came across as significant money makers target at the "internet marketers" or more general "opportunity seekers". If you came across other case studies on money-generating blogs outside of the money maker group, please share your comments. (Criteria: Start with no authority)

  • You need to expand outside of blogging

    For someone to be able to make a full-time income blogging, this thinking is obvious. Any folks that have the business acumen to attain that should already understand that blogging is very dependent on the author(s); stop blogging and your readership goes elsewhere. Challenges like:
    1. Can the income scale up easily? (What? Start new blogs & live online posting?)
    2. Outsource by getting more authors? (I even know gurus who does this by getting ghost writers to post as their own)
    3. There are more, having a writer's block now; can't think... (It's late for me)
I'll continue this post later, with further dissection on the bullets above and thinking aloud why it's not an easy feat trying to profit (make a living) by blogging, alone. Especially for newbie...

In summary, if you ever want to do this for a living, begin with an end in mind. Try to internalize first WHY do you choose blogging as the model for generating traffic and how do you think you can address all the point above. I know of many who think this is the CHEAPEST way to start an online business - that's the wrong mindset - or at least not a businessman mindset, IMHO.

Heck, what do I know about blogging for profits?! Check around and google for my name, I don't have any blogs to show for myself and the only one I started (with my real name) has been stale for months!

Well, could it because I know something else that work better, which most bloggers does not? Hehe... Ya, I know I'm blowing my own trumpet and no prize for guessing what it is. It's after all just one of the means to generate traffic - which is only the tip of the ice-burg for any businesses. At some point in the various business models, it all converge and share similar strategies.

More about all these in my posts going forward. Woah!! I found something to blog about passionately and for a cause! Join my community and subscribe to my feeds (see top right) to get all these juicy posts!

Zzzzz.... HAns

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Karen said...

you're right ! I'm here cos you visited blogs. wanna swop links and see if that works ? it's true visiting other people gets people in. just a lot of hard work. but i guess only the ads promised it was easy !

mohd mazdan said...

Hye there..very informative articles..can u please guide me bout this..coz i'm very interested about this!!

Hans Chee said...

Hey Karen, you're the first commenter on my blog! A warm Welcome! I've read some posts on your blog (and made a comment) too, looks like you're in the process of gaining wisdom in internet marketing; trying out various "things" that you feel can make money.

That's great because imo it's a necessary phase to go through - so you'll end up with a "big picture" and focus on what works best for you later.

Ya, there may be a lot of trial and error (like your request to exchange links to see if it works) but that's how I came around too. Perhaps I'll blog about that later. So stay tune ;)

Hans Chee said...

Hello Mazdan! If you can be more specific on what area you like me to guide, I'll be happy to share what I know or point you to other resources.

Anyway, I visited your blog & tried to read its intention... so you're trying to make money from blogging? BTW, what's all those links to for?

Karen said...

Hi ! Thanks for popping by ! I see what you mean about not being a big fan about swopping links ! It isn't your business is it ?

Mine's a bit more general about ways of making money in any way, not just via internet marketing. I thought internet marketing would be one way for those stuck at home. I'm a fan of stocks and hopefully eventually property myself !

Careful google doesn't shut you down though ! I keep getting shut down. For a law-abiding citizen, this whole breaking web laws 4 times to date is a bit much for me !

Hans Chee said...

Ah... making money "any way"; right that's how a lot of opportunity seekers started out.

At one point in time when we've found the ONE that works best for us, then putting some focus will do wonders.

The challenge is that with so much on the plate, it's easy to spread our attention so thin such that none works great. Then the opportunity seeker in us will keep on searching...

I've been there and done it ;) My original site at was about "multiple sources of income" where IM is one of them. However, I'm a fan of FOCUSING one at a time.