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Saturday, September 15, 2007

BlogRush - Automatically Promote Your Posts On Related Blogs

BlogRushThis blog gets a fair share of traffic from the MyBlogLog community. Just under 3 weeks and I've gotten over a thousand unique visitors (since August 25th). That's FREE community traffic.

Now, I must admit that was a bit of hard work; I got the exposures mainly from visiting other people's blogs and profile. Doing that attract some return traffic probably from the blog owners or their visitors, when my picture was displayed on their MyBlogLog widget. Someone joke that I should be using a pretty lady's picture so I'll get more traffic. Haha... I'm sure it will, but what kind of visitors I'll be getting is another question.

Here's a new kid on the block which I'm testing - BlogRush.

As you can see on the panel to the right, I've added a new "widget" that displays 5 random posts from other blogs belonging to the "Marketing" category or topic. I've classified this PPC Marketing blog under "Marketing" when I sign up for the free BlogRush membership - as such the BlogRush Syndication Network will display 5 random posts from other "Marketing" blogs here.

The idea is that since it's all marketing related, any referral traffic from these blogs should be more "targeted" readers who are interested in that subject matter. Now, how would I benefit from sharing my visitor traffic with other bloggers via this panel too?

I've detailed quite a lot of goodies in a BlogRush Squidoo Lens. That should give you some idea why it's a good/bad ideas to start adding BlogRush to your blog NOW even though it's on Beta...

If you are totally new to all these, check out the instructinoal videos which I've made on the Squidoo Lens too (Ya, you get to hear my voice); e.g. specific instructions on how to add this widget on various Blogging platforms like

Basically, it's as simple as adding some javascript code (just like Google Adsense) anywhere on your blog's template where you want the panel to be shown. With Blogger, you simply add a new "HTML/Text" widget containing your own unique BlogRush code.

BlogRush Video
Right, I'm promoting it actively now as I'm really interested to see how it compares to MyBlogLog in generating more community traffic to this blog. You should too ;)

If you're wondering why a PPC guy is promoting this thing so actively, have a read on my objective of this blog just below my picture on the side.

Note: Links here contain my referral code.

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Gerry Tam said...

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