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Saturday, September 8, 2007

SEO for internet marketing newbie?

Make no mistake about the intent of this blog, I'm still trying to get it listed in the first page of Google search result for terms like "Paid Search Consultant" and "PPC Consultant" with simple SEO tactics I learn from a workshop not long ago.

Along with that little SEO practice, I get to promote myself as a guru an expert in paid search marketing and feeding some targeted visitor traffic to my PPC Blog ;)

So what's the result of this experimentation so far?

Since the last ramblings about my fast generic listing and how it got de-listed, I almost wanted to fall back in my comfort zone with paid listing advertisements. So you see a sudden switch in my subsequence posts on blogging for profits and not SEO... haha. (Anyway, I'll come back to that subject soon, as I've a lot to blog about it)

Today I did a search again on "paid search consultant" in google and wa-lah! I got the forth position on the first SERP!

However, on closer look it's not a listing for this blogspot pages but one from Yup, it's pointing to a paid search consultant "tag" in mybloglog. How does it come about?

Well, for one I believe it's because is an authoritative site in the eyes of Google and compare to the fifth and lower listings, it commands a higher ranking. I know that's at least part of the factor in Google's formula for generic listings.

Still, what happened to my blogger page that disappeared from the first page? Isn't also an authority domain and that I'm riding on this factor specifically to get good ranking? There lies the uncertainty with generic search engine optimization. (I've notice that the formal fifth placing for "Paid Search Consultant" of another website is no longer there too)

Do I need to get so analytical about such matter? Most SEO experts will tell me not to bother; don't miss the forest for the tree. As long as we do all the necessary and proper "on-page" and "off-page" optimization, the listings will come (and go).

Yes, getting high generic search listings does bring tons of "free traffic" and it's something every online marketer should capitalize on. Is it the first traffic generation tactic a new marketer should learn? My personal opinion is obvious (and bias) but I'll love to know your comments & critics too.

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we simplify the internet said...

i cant wat till your on blogging for profits and not SEO... im really interested in it.
Because i deal with these kinds of things daily.
Also you said all SEO experts would tell you not to bother,
but i would say you should go for it.