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Monday, September 17, 2007

BlogRush users CLICK HERE: Free Bonuses!

blogrush The length of this post title is exactly 40 character wide, and it sure looks like those attention-seeking and clicks-pulling headlines isn't it? I'll explain ;)

Well, if you've landed on this post via a BlogRush widget click, then one of my BlogRush "tips and tricks" works. I've a full documentation on this blogrush tip in how to implement a dedicated Blogrush blog.

Advertising in blogrush (getting good click-thru rate) is pretty much the same as advertising in Pay Per Click search engines. Part of it is about setting an attention grabing headline, just ilke this blog post.

I'll leave this topic for now, if you've been a Blogrush user, check this blogrush squidoo lens too.

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Anonymous said...

I clicked on your Adwords ad, and I didn't either understand what's the scam or what this post stands for.
What's the deal ?

Hans Chee said...

Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment about this; I just realized this particular post can be a little confusing for readers who have not been following my posts.

As such, I've just modified the content. Essentially I'm trying to compare BlogRush advertising with PPC (pay per click) ads.

Thus I'm running an adwords ads on this too.

No deal here; just testing one of my theory on using a dedicated blog for blogrush.

It's common for PPC marketers to test and track all marketing efforts ;)

So there's nothing to sell; well perhaps getting some referrals from this effort but that's not my main objective.